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Do you have an unresolved or mysterious wellness issue?  Want to live more simply or Greener?
Is it time to rearrange, find or design a new environment or focus on a home for your retirement?
Was there an incident or is an intolerance or allergy involved? Perhaps radiation, magnetic fields,
communication towers, dish, antenna, power lines, appliances or personal devices are involved?

We will determine if it can be resolved in place or whether a new location or build is right for you.


Preparing a Home for Retirement

Our Life Systems Architect (LSA) - will assess your current needs and incorporate as much of your wish list as possible into the final solution.  Your future mobility and requirements for efficiency, purity, privacy and security will be addressed.

Fully Engaged in Living an Excellent Life

While a location with a wonderful layout can be found it may not serve your highest good.  We can relate to your space thoroughly using techniques and technology to determine the true nature of the building and surroundings.  Most situations can be improved, restored or promoted to blissful comfort.

A great way to know for sure if this place is "the place", to dig in and live life large, is to request an evaluation.  One of our discovery methods is Electronic Feng Shui.

Recovering from a Trauma,
Illness or Growing Pains


Wholistic Practitioners (WP) - can provide treatment and design a wellness plan. Our Life Systems Architect (LSA) - can go further to identify sources of radiant energy like (devices, appliances, power lines and towers) or situations that might hamper your recovery or development).

Married and Want the Best Space for Family


Marriage brings potential considerations beyond space and amenities.  The new status of pregnancy, your offspring, elderly or young (family members and babysitters), other parents and grandparents that may spend time in your house or live with you to help out that can be affected by factors your constitution protects you from.  We can help make it right.

Looking for Natural Side Effect Free Options


Our team can provide insights, options, education, support, evaluations and workarounds to best accommodate your needs and many dreams.


Excellent healing/support methods and ground-breaking
field testing come with your trust investment in us.


Aligned Right Solutions


* * *  For You  * * *

Rearrange - Renovate - Move - Build


Our LSA can attend new location viewings or visit land potentially destined for construction to determine both unseen and undisclosed existing impediments or challenges you could avoid, prepare for or confirm your choice is perfect for you. 


Whether the location is one of many you are looking at or the only one that seems possible or feasible, our inspection is extremely valuable to solidify your confidence in the plan or selection.

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